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검색상품 mediclin® 2~3㎖ PS Disposable Blood Sample Cup, for HitachiTM Analyzer, Glassy-Clear
Ideal for Sample Analysis & Clinical Pathology Testing, CE Certified, 히타치 혈액분석 장비용 샘플 컵
점판매처 : (주)대한과학 12,520 버튼
검색상품 BD® Evacuated Blood Collection Tube, Ideal for Clinical Chemistry·Hematology·lmmunology Analysis, Medicaluse
Composed of Sterilized Vacuum Tube·Holder·Multi Sample Needle, for Quick and Hygienic Blood Collection, 진공채혈관
점판매처 : (주)대한과학 267,410 버튼
검색상품 Moalab® Sterile Smear Brush, PAP, Easy Grip PP Handle, Φ6 & Φ13mm, L195mm, Medicaluse
Suitable for Collect Sample, Individual Package, 자궁경부암 검사 샘플채취용 멸균 브러쉬 2종
점판매처 : (주)대한과학 41,750 버튼
검색상품 Hartman Hemostatic Forceps/Tubing Clamp, with Serrated Clamp Head, L105mm, Medicaluse
Straight- & Curved-type, Stainless-steel 410, 하트만 지혈겸자 포셉 및 튜빙 클램프 겸용, 의료용 & 랩겸용, 비부식
점판매처 : (주)대한과학 5,760 버튼
검색상품 mediclin® 150㎖ Urine Collection Specimen Paper Cup, 소변검사용 표본 종이컵, 이중코팅 점판매처 : (주)대한과학 23,360 버튼
검색상품 mediclin® 30 & 90㎖ PP Medicine Cup, with Fine Graduation, Autoclavable, 눈금부 다용도 메디신 컵 점판매처 : (주)대한과학 3,570 버튼
검색상품 120㎖ Specimen Container, PP, Sterile or Non-sterile, with HDPE Screwcap, Graduation, Marking Area, Φ63×h70mm
Ideal for Urine, Medical Sample, etc., 샘플 컨테이너, 소변 및 의료용 샘플 검사용, 멸균 & 비멸균
점판매처 : (주)대한과학 3,940 버튼
검색상품 mediclin® 60&120㎖ Perfect Sealing Specimen Container, All-PP, Sterile or Non-sterile, with Screwcap & Graduation
Ideal for Urine, Medical Sample, etc., Leak-proof, Autoclavable, 눈금부 샘플 컨테이너, 소변 및 의료용 샘플 검사용, 멸균 & 비멸균
점판매처 : (주)대한과학 5,090 버튼
검색상품 mediclin® 120㎖ PP Convenient Specimen Container and 10㎖ PET Vacuum Tube, CE Certified, Sterile
Ideal for Urine Collection·Transportation·Storage, 멸균 샘플 컨테이너 & 진공튜브, 소변검사용, 컵과 튜브 개별 구매
점판매처 : (주)대한과학 29,200 버튼
검색상품 mediclin® 30&60㎖ Stool/Sample Container, PP & PS, with PP Screwcap&Spoon, Sterile or Non-sterile
Ideal for Collecting Stool and Medical Samples, 스툴/샘플 컨테이너, 대변 및 의료용 샘플 검사용, 멸균 & 비멸균
점판매처 : (주)대한과학 12,700 버튼
검색상품 mediclin® 25㎖ Stool/Sputum Specimen Container, PP, Black or Transparent, with Screwcap, Marking Label
Ideal for Collecting Stool·Sputum·Medical Samples, with or without Spoon, 채변통·객담통 겸용
점판매처 : (주)대한과학 3,560 버튼
검색상품 mediclin® 30㎖ PP Stool Specimen Container, with Snapcap & Spoon, Sterile or Non-sterile
Ideal for Collecting Stool and Medical Samples, Autoclavable, 채변통, 채변 및 의료용 샘플 검사용, 멸균 & 비멸균
점판매처 : (주)대한과학 5,600 버튼
검색상품 mediclin® 30㎖ PP Specimen Container, with Screwcap, Sterile or Non-sterile, Autoclavable
Ideal for Collecting Sputum and Medical Samples, 125/140℃ Stable, 객담통, 객담 및 의료용 샘플 검사용, 멸균 & 비멸균
점판매처 : (주)대한과학 3,820 버튼
검색상품 20㎖ PE Sputum Collection Container, with Easy to Open Snap Cap
Useful for Sample Collection and Storage, 객담통
점판매처 : (주)대한과학 6,540 버튼
검색상품 HumasisTM COVID-19 Test Kit, Self Diagnosis Through Nasopharyngeal Swab, Medicaluse
Available Check within 15 min, 코로나19 진단 테스트 키트
점판매처 : (주)대한과학 75,630 버튼
검색상품 HumasisTM In-Vitro Diagnostic Testing Kit, Rapid One-step Self Test, Test Kit with Result Display for Sample, Medicaluse
For Cardiac Marker·Fertility Hormone·Infectious Disease·Tumor Marker &c., 체외진단키트
점판매처 : (주)대한과학 41,750 버튼
검색상품 Webster & Olsen Needle Holder, L135 & 140mm, Medicaluse
With Serrated-Jaws, Stainless-steel 410, 웹스터 & 올슨 니들홀더/지침기, 의료용, 비부식
점판매처 : (주)대한과학 14,570 버튼
검색상품 Castroviejo Needle Holder, with Smooth-Jaws, L145mm, Medicaluse
For Microsurgery, Spring Action, Stainless-steel 410, 카스트로비조 니들홀더/지침기, 의료용, 비부식
점판매처 : (주)대한과학 48,480 버튼
검색상품 Dressing/Thumb Forceps, Rust-proof Stainless-steel 410, L125~250mm, Medicaluse
With Blunt & Ridged-Tip, 표준 드레싱 포셉/핀셋, 의료용, 비부식
점판매처 : (주)대한과학 11,770 버튼
검색상품 Graefe Iris Forceps, Rust-proof Stainless-steel 410, with Sharp & Ridged-Tip, L105mm, Medicaluse
For Frasping and Holding Tissue, Delicate, 그레이프 아이리스 포셉/핀셋, 의료용, 비부식
점판매처 : (주)대한과학 4,880 버튼
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